Welcome to the world of "Ice and Fire" - a project that combines many ways to earn the most popular cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" and is based on the principle of "Play and Earn". "Game of Thrones" is a bitcoin mining simulator where you can earn bitcoins absolutely without investment and without any restrictions! After registration, you are automatically connected to one of our many Bitcoin mining pools. We value your time and are ready to reward you for every second of your time spent in the "Game of Thrones" universe. Complete various tasks to increase income, go through quests, browse sites, participate in contests, or just enjoy mining. Your income is not limited by anything, everything depends on you and only on you! Valar Morghulis!

Each of the characters is a specific place in the Bitcoin mining pool that will be cut in the battle of kings and bring you income. In addition, each character has the ability to improve (increase mining) with 13 different improvements in the form of equipment, warriors, castles and dragons. The more numerous your army is, and the stronger it is equipped, the more powerful your miners power. The world of "Game of Thrones" is waiting for you, Lord!
Offers, Quests, Tasks, Surveys, Site Surfing and a Two-Level Affiliate Program will help you create an invincible army that will fight under your command, glorify your name with victories and bring you real income in Bitcoins. The "Game of Thrones" project combines all the main attributes of making money on the Internet without investments, namely: a profitable, perfectly thought-out, economically reliable and interesting atmosphere. Winter Is Coming!
A thoroughly thought-out economics for the development of each participant in the game ensures maximum reliability of earnings. The most reliable payment systems provide the fastest and most secure transactions. Complete protection of each participant’s data is provided by such tools as MD5, SSL and a number of other modules. And of course, a responsible team of developers with more than one successful project behind them.